Future Impact



Technology has brought us many different things over the last 50 years such as cell phones, TV’s, cars, and computers and many haves said there is still more to come. So let’s think about that what will the future of technology look like, how much will it impact our everyday lives, are going to live like the Jetsons cartoon driving cars that fly? There are so many that questions that we have but not many can answer them but we do know of one. Neuro signaling is what they say will be the next big thing of the future, by being able to control technology with your mind a whole new doors opens with many news ideas to produces, but the real question is how will this impact our future?


Mind Controlled Robots

With Neuro Signaling we will be able to do many things such as control computers, cars, and even robots all with our minds. In many movies we have seen robots becoming an everyday part of life, so what if this was true and we could control them with our minds. A study in Japan was done by Yuichi Yamashita and Jun Tani show’s how controlling the movements of a robot can be done only if you do it the right way. “An animal's motor control system contains a functional hierarchy, whereby small, reusable parts of movements are flexibly integrated to create various action sequences.” (Yamashita, 2008) The that Yuichi and Tani are trying to make this work is by an hierarchy system are more like rules from the mind to the robot.

Mind Controlled Computers

Computers have been an everyday use in everyone’s lives but what if you could control a computer with your mind? One of the coolest parts of this project besides finding information that works is that you can do so many things with it, if it’s not in the testing phase. We have all heard and seen in movies of people being able to control computer with their minds guess what it works and this is how. In an article that I found in LiveScience.com it explains how earlier this year researchers had testes four people that suffered from epilepsy to move a mouse cursor from a computer. “The patients, who were waiting to have brain surgery, were already fitted with small sheets of signal-detecting electrodes on the surfaces of their brains.”(Carey, 2005) By placing small sheets of signal-detecting electrodes they were able to record or set certain movements of the brain and output it to work with a mouse cursor. Now this is only the being they are still working on so much more such as full control of a computer with the mind now that is scary.


Over All

Will over all technology has adopted so fast over the last 10 years from electrical car to solar power homes, but when it comes to neuro signaling the ideas are endless. This is a new market with a lot of testing that has to take place before we see what we could do with the technology. As of right now we have people who can control robots, computers, cars, and wheelchairs but this has only been the beginning. We are a world of new ideas and a world of change this technology could be used for good and for the bad for example it could be used in the army, businesses, school, wars, and much more. What would I like to see is it being used in homes, education, and new technology to help better life itself.